My name is Nate Crosser and I’m optimistic that biotechnology can help humanity solve some of the crises we created through our destructive political, social, and economic models. Some call this “bright green environmentalism.” I hail from Kansas City and work in the alternative protein industry, currently as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Blue Horizon and previously as the Startup Growth Specialist at the Good Food Institute. Prior to dedicating my career to alt proteins, I worked at a biotechnology incubator have a J.D in commercial law.

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To geek out with me about how we might save the world with innovation at the intersection of biology, ecology, and technology.

I spend a lot of time mapping emerging scientific breakthroughs, startups, industry trends, investors, influencers, research centers, ecosystem builders, news sources, and resources most relevant to the “Fifth Industrial Revolution” — a wave of interrelated applied biology that will transform the world as much as the Internet or engines.

I cover innovation in cellular agriculture, biofabrication, and bioagromics as well as the foundational technologies in advanced mycology, alternative proteins, synthetic biology, and biochemistry. Every edition, I’ll highlight a new technology area, company, opportunity, or story then tie it into the bigger picture of how it might change history and fit into the Fifth Industrial Revolution. If fungal architecture, 3D bioprinting, cell-based Rhino horn, or biologically-powered robots interest you, this may be your place.

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Emerging biotechnologies and concepts for an ecological revolution. To enable a multi-planetary, post-animal, and decarbonized bioeconomy, we need principles of industrial ecology, ethics, and creativity.


The Fifth Industrial Revolution is innovation in cellular agriculture, mycology, alt proteins, & synbio to solve existential & ethical crises on Earth & beyond.